We are thrilled to couple our general management team with a highly talented production management division. Our production managers will help realize the creative vision of the design team while ensuring financial and logistical efficiency. With experience ranging from small-scale sit-down productions to international tours, our team can tackle projects of any size. We will help you secure the best materials and equipment as we maintain excellent relationships with rental houses, scenic shops, labor providers, and other technical suppliers. You will also experience seamless integration between general and production management should you use both of our services.

We will always listen first and then get to work on building your vision.

As your production manager, we will:

Create a realistic timeline for designing, building, installing, and teching the production

Review and advise on design concepts, renderings, and build plans

Bid equipment lists to multiple shops for competitive pricing

Oversee scenic construction and shop prep

Manage the advance process for each stop on your tour

Run and staff all load-in, tech, and work calls

Provide ongoing technical support to maintain smooth operation

Coordinate strike, venue clean-up, and storage

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